Wendy JordanPelz


My art is a search for a visual language that expresses the intangible world. I investigate how spiritual experience and art making can be linked, and how artworks might reveal the experience of synchronicity.
My practice explores the way intuition and spiritual experience can be used in the creation of artworks. Using video, painting, random process and macroscopic photography the works seek to use abstraction to embrace the idea that the emergent and temporal world can be mirrored through the creative process.
Using video to record temporal paint in process invites the viewer to experience more of the wonder that happens during the painting experience.
In the practice of combining, random process with colour and scale I endeavour to create works which suggest experiences of emerging, beginning, being in creation, becoming and transformation.  Experiences not quite tangible or based in the real world, yet reminiscent of something familiar.


2017 Frankston Arts Center - White St Lightboxes
2016 Lampost Gallary - Set Free (Solo Show)
2016 Cube 37 - Ephemeral (Solo Show)
2015 Chapel on Station Gallery - Living water
2015 Cambridge Studio Gallery - Life Abstracted
2015 Quadrant Gallery - Summer II Exhibition
2015 Chapman and Bailey Gallery - Belle Art Prize finalist
2015 New Peninsula Church - Throne room of God
2014 RMIT University - MFA Graduate Show
2014 Gallery Smith - Finalist the M collection Award
2014 Chapel on Station Gallery - Through a glass dimly finalist
2014 New Peninsula Church - Freedom in Christ Exhibition
2014 The ACMD Aikenhead Centre for Medical Discovery - Art and Science Award finalist
2014 Stairway Church - The God Artist
2011 New Peninsula Church - Doors Exhibition
2009 Cube 37 - Sound and Silence Exhibition
2008 Cube 37 - Affordable Art Fair
2008 John Garret Book Room - John Garret Soul Journey Exhibition
2004 The Long Gallery Salamanca Arts Centre Hobart
1999 Pambula Old Bank Gallery, Pambula N.S.W
1999 Environment Network Centre, Bega N.S.W
1997 Daylesford Town hall, Daylesford
1997 Horsham Town Hall, Rotary Club Sculpture Prize
1986, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, Horsham Art Gallery
1991 Warrnambool Regional Gallery


Wendy JordanPelz is based in Melbourne, Australia.

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